Best Kerbstones in Hyderabad

Best Kerbstones in Hyderabad: Kerb Stones are High and huge Demand in Construction Fields, Outdoor areas, gardens, Parks and These kerbstones are mostly used For Side Walks

Kerbstones used Places: Schools, Colleges, Resorts, Villas, Gardens, Parks, Constructions, Real Estates, Government sectors, Private Sectors, Multiplexes, public areas.

Kerbstones suppliers Hyderabad
Kerbstones suppliers Hyderabad

Best Kerbstones Manufacturers  Hyderabad

Why kerb Stones: For gardens, parks, ventures, Resorts, Parks, Etc…

KerbStones Features:
Smooth Finish, Round shape, Rectangle Shape, Clean Design, Smooth Surface, Clean look etc.Kerb Stones which has Too Much importance and very huge requirement in various places.
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Granite Kerbs:

Kerbstones Hyderabad
Kerbstones Hyderabad

Granite kerbs are High and heavy Standard Compared to Concrete kerbs These Kerbs are made from granite and High-grade Concrete Materials, and it is durable and High resistant kerbstones in markets, and it has some grades of concrete 53 Grade,43 grade

Best Kerbstones Dealers in Hyderabad


Outdoor Locations, parks, Ventures, Villas, Resorts, Form Houses, Colleges, Schools etc…

Features of kerbstones

Kerbstones are very high strength and durable.
Kerbstones are sampled and tested at our site.

Kerbstones use:

Different Types Of Kerbs:

Natural Stone kerb
High containment kerbs
Bus Stop Kerb
Precast Concrete Kerbs
Round Shaped Kerbs
rectangle Shaped Kerbs

Kerb Stone Different Sizes

Kerb Stones Sizes/Dimensions:

A1outdoor Furniture&precast Products Company manufacture Different sizes of Kerbstones

Our standard size is 600mmX380mmX100/115mm.

Our standard size is 600mmX300mmX100/115m

Different sizes are also available as per Clients requirement-

Top 100 Kerbstones Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Different Types Of Kerbs Making process:

Kerbs Used Places:

curb is usually made with a paving machine and Vibrator, to made using Raw materials as Concrete Mix, High-Grade Cement The Grade of cement os 53 Grade and mix some liquid for High Strenght and durability.

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