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Installation Process of Garden Benches

Now we are going to be talking about Garden Benches how to put your bench together. Once you find the place in the garden or the yard where you want to put it together you could set it up just like in this step like this,

on top of it, or you could also mix some concrete mortar mix or grout and put it here on top and set the top on top of it like this, adjust it you know, pretty much make it look nice and even and it should be done. Now you can treat this bench by sealing it, putting the sealer on it.

You could acid stain it or you could have an already mixed colorant in the concrete. You don’t have to enforce this Garden bench.

As you see the legs are close to each other so the seat doesn’t have a big span so it is not going to crack. So it is plenty strong to sit down on and this is a one-seater kind of RCC Garden Bench and Park bench

Concrete Benches Manufacturers in Hyderabad

today’s We are gonna show you something simple now when I tell you’re gonna be a bit nervous about and think I’ll never be able to do this well we’re gonna show you how to make the concrete bench now don’t get nervous just stay where you are because it is easy cause they’re not gonna be able to put this together

you a couple of steps that are going to save you loads of money probably half the amount that you would pay for it if you had to go and purchase one so let’s take a look at how we do it so the first the thing we need to do is we need to create some kind of box system that we would be able to hold the concrete in and I think that’s the most challenging part out of the whole exercise yeah get everything cut up for your boxing that’s about the
the main thing you should do at the moment the first thing now what are we going to be using is shattered board and you can get this at any hardware store it’s pretty simple than inexpensive as
well and you’ll find a thousand and one uses for it back home and what we’ve done is already cut it out and we’ve decided on the top of our Garden benches is going to be 122 by 40 and first step simple as

cut it out because that is gonna form the top of our bench and then we’ve made some sides to it because these are then going to get a text over here because of we need to create almost a shell so that we can eventually throw the concrete into it so they were really been cut and there are simply 90 centimeters on a hat goth what’s the next step now next steps

justice screw them already pre-drilled all the Hung’s so next thing you must just screw the whole framework together, okay then we should be ready for the quadrant for the inside okay and simply wooden screws will do just to screw it into the edges this will be fun I kept drawing skills well let’s give it a bash we’ve attached the one end and now all we’ve got to do is exactly the same on the other side attach it and then the two shortest ends and this is going to form the box for the top of our concrete bench

Garden Benches in Hyderabad

so the sides are on and take a look at that we’ve got a neat little wooden box and now the fun part starts just add a bit of character to the top of the bench we’re going to add a bit of quadrant it’s going to go ahead to its bottom of the box marked it and all I’m gonna do to join the corners together being up 45s and all the corners and how to do you get that right because obviously, they’ve got to join really snuggly because whatever you don’t join really snugly is gonna turn out to look pretty okay I’m gonna be using a Martha Basha turn you know Congo row cuz you go to 45 okay so you just put your quadrant in here and you cut it to the 45 on your more alright let’s just give it a bash we finished creating the box for the top of the bench and now we just need to create a similar box to create two legs so there we have one leg second leg and already and prepared and ready for us to mix the concrete and put it in and voila we can have a bench very very suited when coming to mixing the concrete Garden benches they couple of things that you need to know and

we’re using PPC cement we’ve got some 19 mil Crash’s stone which you can get from your hardware store and we’ve got some river sand and the basic proportions that we’re going to use today is one and one that gives you a really strong mixture so we’ve got a bucket over here which is going to measure it out for us which makes it much simpler so don’t worry about cubic measures and all that stuff because of it gets very complicated and all we going to be doing is using the ratios of 1 and 1 and 1 and that ends up giving us a very very strong cement mixture
right so we’ve got one bucket of stone easy measurements and we’re just gonna throw that as well wheelbarrow because
that’s where we going to mix one bucket of stone and now we’re going to do the same for the sand thing that goes and bet I just mix up with the sand and you create a little hole and then it’s just a cement guy that’s just the cement yes okay that’s him and then he goes there is your basic mixture and based on that you can either create more or less depending on your quantities now the consistency of the cement is just about perfect, it is gonna be a
pouring motion because we’re gonna pour it into the mold so it doesn’t need to be quite fluffy and your hog and also trowel it so we want to be able to work with it so kind of like a sloppy yogurt
the mixture I’d say that’s what we kneading and we’re just about ready so we’ve got just a bit of BOC mesh you can get from your local hardware and they can cut it to the size whatever size you want because they use a lot of foundations I use this be honest II miss so what are your first going to do is just lay it a bit of concrete down then you put your bo3 mesh on top of it and then you just pull up the rest of the concrete and this just adds to extra strength that
there’s more strength although we have done a very strong mixture it is advisable to use some kind of reinforcing within it just to make sure that it is that extra bit strong all right let’s get it in Goff
the important thing about your first bit of cement that you put down is to make sure that you get it into the corners so agitate the cement mixture to make sure that you get it into the coolness of they no air pockets, okay and then we put the BRC mesh down so that is going in about halfway up the height of the box that we’ve created and that’s just going to sit inside the and then all that we do now is pour on the rest of the concrete on top of it for garden Benches contact 8317589548 0r 9059660214

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